Sunday, October 2, 2011

welcome to my blog

I'm working on a short video piece about my neighborhood and needed someone to drive me around so I could shoot footage out the sliding door of my van.  I called my good friend Nate who happens to live in the neighborhood and is generally eager to help me out when I need it.  After cruising the hood and getting the footage I wanted, we headed back to his house.

Before Nate got out of the car, he suggested I start a blog of my work.  He said it would be a good idea to have one spot where anyone can see what I'm up to.   Granted I have a youtube channel but this also allows me to write a little something about each piece, get some feedback and possibly create a discourse with whomever might be interested.  So here I go a blogging.

This first piece is an off the cuff music video I shot for my friends The Cloudbirds.  We shot this in an elevator in downtown Chicago right after shooting another video for the band.  I'm doing a whole series of videos for these guys and I want each one to utilize a different format.  Most of these videos will be of a live performance.  This one was shot with a simple, consumer grade DV camcorder using the onboard microphone for audio.


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