Saturday, December 10, 2011

most people will watch a video if it's about 3 mins or less

Some friends and I are doing a project called 3MinuteMovies at Rodan every couple of months.  We come up with a theme and everyone participating has 8 weeks to come up with their interpretation in the form of a short film about three minutes or less in length.  We have a screening then publish each film on the blog with other links to the artists work.  Its for fun.  If you're in Chicago you should consider participating, please come check it out.  

We had our first screening last Monday and the theme was Chicago, kind of a softball for our first theme all things considered.   I wanted to create a story right out my front door and I did utilizing the very corner I live on.  It's a puff piece really but I was trying to stretch my editing skills a little and concentrate on my storytelling.  The audio is rubbish.  I was too busy trying to shoot and interview and didn't turn the fans off during Abdul's segments.  I also need to acquire some basic color correction skills pronto.  


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