Saturday, February 11, 2012

what's coming between sally and release?

January turned out to be a very busy month for me and movie making.  Early in the month I was able to do a shoot for my friends Billy and Alex, it was a music video for their band Rivals of the Peacemaker.  I finished editing another video for my buddy Josh's solo project and I sent that off to Katie for some post work.  Then I had to assemble the second installment of 3MinuteMovies which includes a lot of downloads, format changes, titles and graphics, and cutting together intro and outro pieces.  Last but far from least was the need to create my own 3MM piece.  It was a lot of work and kept me chained to my computer.

The theme for this most recent 3MM screening was release.  I teamed up with one of my 3MM co-creators, Neil, and we came up with a pretty funny short.  I'm a big fan of the Prelinger Archives which are a resource of old films that are in the public domain.  (We used a lot of these films for early incarnations of Left Field.  Ultimately we didn't use the footage for the final film but in the early trailers you can see how we were utilizing them: both in the first trailer, which I did a post about recently, and a later one.)

So Neil and I came up with a concept to take an old educational film from the archive, recut it and create a mostly new video to tell our tale.  We first picked the film which ended up being Toward Emotional Maturity  This film from 1954 is about the need for young people to learn how to control their emotions.  Then Neil and I spitballed some ideas.  Neil went to town on a script while I did some preliminary cutting.  We had a rough cut with just our voices along with some temporary audio, creating a piece that came in around 7 minutes.  We recruited our friends Erin Baumrucker for voiceover work and Karen Schmidt for some graphic help, cut it down to around 3 minutes and it was done.  I am very pleased with how this came out, it still makes me laugh.  We titled our story What's Coming Between Sally and Release?  Enjoy.

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